When it comes to coding, the simplest thing can become the biggest headache.

It sometimes helps to get another view from an outside perspective. That’s where the online community comes in. From StackOverflow to Github, there are resources online worth their weight in gold. (Don’t forget GitHub)

Don’t be the kind of person who only registers and only one post which is asking for help, sure you will probably get help, but is it really going to be the best quality help?

If you take the time to become part of the online coding community and help others or add to the discussion, you will find yourself generously rewarded.

Sure it takes some time and effort to build up a little bit of a presence, but a little goes a long way.

There are, of course, other resources if you get stuck.

You can hire a coder to fix your problems or identify exactly what the problem us. Taking this route, of course, costs money.

The costs can be kept small, or you can get someone to fix large portions of erroneous code at a higher price, the choice is yours.

Along with the quality of coders, the better and more experienced coders cost more. But these experts bring more to the table, such as security. They tend to code in a much more secure way preventing anything terrible that might happen after your project goes live.

Many companies these days offer some individual troubleshooting as part of a service at a small charge.

Whatever you choose is down to your preference, but don’t get stuck wasting days and days on something someone else can fix in a minute; you can then reverse engineer the solution if you’re interested in learning.