No mess PHP, clear mind is a good IDE



PhpStorm by JetBrains is an impressive IDE, framework support working with many different frameworks.

The php editor provides an instructive interface for code completion. While we mainly use it for php, great for things such as HTML also.

Whenever you’re ever working on a web app or even straight editing and web design for yourself or for someone else always remember The Importance of a Website

Unless you’re going super old school in a notepad, looking to get a few things working may require a helping hand by checking a few online guides.

The guys over at JetBrains based in Prague, Czech have done a great job over the years and continue to bring out fantastic updates. Anyone still going strong since early 2000 is doing great in my book.
Check out some of their other great IDEs for products, so whatever you’re coding give them a look because they have a ton of stuff going on.

While you want to have at least 2gb ram the recommendation for 8gb is a bit more solid especially if you are planning to have endless lines of code.

A few things might be a bit more details such as running PHPUnit with specifics so be sure to check out StackOverflow when needed.

Check out the official PhpStorm guides over at