When you just want to talk, and probably do some online gaming

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Update TeamSpeak

Updating TeamSpeak or TeamSpeak info

A million uses, it reminds me of skype in many ways. Not only because of the VOIP elements but the general purposes from business, commercial to individual applications.

From playing online games and communicating to discussing matters in a conference call, the uses are up to you. We know its mostly used for gamers.

Be sure to update your TeamSpeak, which is done differently depending on what O/S you’re using.

Although Windows users will find the updating done as standard, for other users it can vary between distros. But will probably involve the standard wget command.

From back when TeamSpeak 3 came out, recently towards the end of 2019 and start of 2020, we now have gone into TeamSpeak 5 final roll-out stages.

The knowledge base over on the official site is a great resource along with the thriving online community forums.