Web Design Price List

 Stay ahead of your competition with premium web design at budget friendly prices. Our web design price list shows you where you stand with our one time fees, and none of this monthly or hourly fee structure.

Let’s get your website up and running. Simple and straight forward without a spider web of complications.

We display our prices in a clear and easy to understand way, all listed below, along with a simple purchase process and what happens next…

Our buying process is simple, and straight forward we show you the steps next. We also go into full details for what each web design package feature does for you to help you figure out what it is you need. You can read more details about these packages a bit further down the page or by Clicking Here


Step 1 – Complete purchase form
When you fill in our purchase form, we ask for your type of business and industry, and which kind of web package. If you would like you can also send us a few examples of websites that you like the look of, and any additional comments or instructions you have. If you prefer to not look for other sites that you like, we are more than happy to do this ourselves for you. Once we receive the completed purchase form, we will then send you our invoice, which can either be paid in full or an initial deposit and the rest upon final completion.  
Buying process Guide
Step 2
After we have received the initial information (most important your business/industry) We then begin our additional market research and identify some rough draft ideas for the type of site we will create. We then show you these initial ideas to let you determine the best fit going forward.  
Buying Process Guide
Once you are happy with the direction and initial design, we will begin full coding and complete the first draft. When this is complete, we will show you a copy of the site to finalize if additional changes that we may need to make. After any additions made, your site is ready to go live.

Personal Package – Website

Our budget-friendly base package is great for any individual project. A simple website that enables you to have a web presence without any complications. With a Homepage that stands out and a profesional email contact, this can also serve as an excellent placeholder for a small business that wants an online presence without the need to add additional content.

All our sites are fully Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

Over 60% of all internet traffic and searches are from mobile devices. That’s over half of your potential customers using mobile, let’s make sure you have a website that works for them. Did you know that the majority of websites are mobile-unfriendly? Not only do customers hate this (85% of adults thinks a website should look as good or better on a mobile device)

There are over 4.1 billion Internet users in the world.

The internet is a big place with a lot going on, let us simplify the web site creation process for you and take your web site stress away. Help customers have better user experiences with a beautiful website.

All our sites include Your own professional email contact

Let us be honest; if you are getting a new website, it means one thing. You are more professional and serious about your business or project. With your own websites email address, we can forward emails sent to this address and deliver them to your personal email address.

Personal site contains - 3 Pages

The most significant three pages for any website are the Homepage, a Contact page, and an About us page. We design these three pages to give a robust straight forward site that gets to the point with all the essential information needed. Your about us or Homepage can contain as much information as you need it to.
All our websites come included with one-year hosting and domain registration. – To have a site live and viewable on the internet, it needs a home. Hosting is where your website lives. Usually hosting is charged per month, but we cover your first year, you can change hosting anytime. The domain is the actual name of the website that we can register on your behalf, and you maintain full ownership of both. Each site is accessible by logging in from your internet browser. You will have full access to your site’s inner workings and information, such as usage statistics, and this also enables you to update content on your pages easily. Contact form comes as a standard if required, this enables your visitors to contact you without leaving your website, they can fill in an online form, and the information gets sent to you. Each website we create, we ensure its fully visible and indexed to the internets most significant search engines by making an SEO friendly website that makes the search giants happy. Ensuring you appear in search results when customers search for you.

Small Business Package

Our most popular package is perfect for any new business, just starting. A professional web site without the stress. Containing all elements of the personal package with additions such as: Included five pages and three business email accounts. We include all privacy and term templates. GDPR friendly means you can include cookies and statistical measurements on your pages while being fully compatible with all internet standards and requirements. An essential element for any business website.

Up to 5 Pages and 3 Professional business email accounts

Our Small Business option includes 5 Pages of your choice. (A homepage and any other four types whatever you require for your business). Including a standardized privacy/terms page to cover internet-specific data requirements. With an additional three email addresses to cover multiple aspects of your business, such as Admin/Sales/General. Multiple website logins, for instance, an Admin/controller account and another for content uploads.

Monitor the performance of your site - Google Analytics setup included

Google Analytics setup. We can install the full analytics on your website, so you receive all the user information about how customers are interacting with your pages. Analytics for your pages are essential for any business wanting to split test and monitor online performance and KPIs.

Be remembered with a - Custom Logo Design

A custom logo design, our design team will create a unique and personalized logo for your business website. Of course, you can let us know the type of design you want.

Offer web trust and safety with - SSL Security

SSL Security certificate, have you ever gone to a website and noticed a safe and secure looking padlock and a green safety mark? This is an SSL, and it shows the website is secured for privacy. Not only does this help customers know your site is trustworthy, the search engines prefer to show results that include this.

eCommerce Package

If its an online store you need, then its an online store you will get. Online retail is massive business with a fully integrated shop on your website. The eCommerce option is perfect if you want to sell physical goods and even a good choice for selling various digital products. Including all features from personal and small business packages. With an easy to use interface, you will be kept upto date with any new orders and given the option to automate the entire process.

6 Pages with an Online eCommerce store set up

eCommerce package includes six pages, including a full eCommerce online store. A place where visitors can directly make purchases.

Conversion Optimized

With any online store, the conversions need to be optimized, and our marketing team will ensure that your CTAs are in the correct places with an extensive experience to draw upon enables us to take the guess work out. Creating a site fully optimized for conversion.

Up to 10 Royalty-Free image stock included

With up to 10 royalty-free stock images included, we can make sure that your photos speak a thousand words.

Enable payment options, shipping, and Stock management

With a fully integrated eCommerce, we can enable payment options for all online payments. Include different shipping options and let the eCommerce store monitor your orders and stock. With full inventory and order information at the touch of your fingertips to view anytime, you want it.


If you would like to discuss a custom package or to make any additions to our current packages, please contact us via the contact form below. Any questions you have we aim to answer them as fast as we can, please note we may be busy on current web design projects as we limit the number of clients we take on at any one time.


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