Making PHP manageable

Zend expressive


PHP has traveled a long way since it first created back in the mid-’90s.

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The Zend framework has also come a long way in its lifetime. If you’ve been using Zend Expressive or Zend MVC, you might realize the Zend framework 3 is a significant upgrade on version 2.

The console CLI commands take a bit of working out for yourself but are very manageable, Zend expressive is a lot easier to get working with than MVC in our opinion.

UPDATE: We will be adding some new code soon!



After installing the Symfony console, you will want to create it. And luckily, there are some great resources to search on.

Such as the ZENDFRAMEWORK official site that has up to date documents to cover command-line tooling and, of course, GITHUB for how to develop console CLI commands.

Abstract factory use

No one wants to repeat themselves, let alone the same code using an abstract factory can be great for the lazy person inside us all.
That’s where using an abstract factory action can help

You will need zend service manager 3 to achieve this, remember StackOverflow combined with google is a great resource to help you with this.

Did someone say doctrine

Setting up a doctrine has become even more comfortable thanks to the container interop doctrine that you can find on GitHub.
The coding community is always at hand to work together and help.

If you haven’t already check out the documentation over at